Theme Setters – is a company that was formed based on our dedication, creativity and devotion to producing the ultimate and authentic themes of art? That our clients will be proud to display.

We take great pride in our work along with our collective experience, we aim to impress and go the extra mile to insure the best possible service and outcome for your event.

Each project or service is tailored to create the ultimate scene of your ideas, to bring to life the picture you envision and have in mind. Coupled with our knowledge and expertise that we have gained in the industry allows us to offer you something extremely unique.

Set apart from the normal standards of design and setup of parties, events, show stands and displays. We cater for all and will provide the best quality service from private projects and small businesses to large corporate companies.

If you would like to stand out above the rest and claim your glory for the best themed event. To show the wonder that is your idea, brought to life in true perfection.